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COVID 19 - Update

Songrite Copyright Office staff are currently "home working" due to Government advice about social distancing.

Song, Music & Lyrics Copyright Registration

  • Members can still submit songs, music and lyrics direct to us online. = Members Login
  • Songrite Copyright Office are still accepting new members. = Apply For Membership
  • Until further notice; All copyright registration documents will be issued = DIGITALLY direct to your email address usually within 24hours (Faster and more secure than regular mail )
  • All copyright registrations are one-off payments, there are no additional or top up payments.
  • Copyright lasts for the lifetime of the author / composer plus a minimum of fifty (50) years.
  • Songrite Copyright Registration Service is recognised and accepted in more than one hundred and seventy (170) countries world-wide.
  • Copyright Registration will help establish a true and lasting record of rightful ownership.

Copyright Registration Documents Include

  1. CR3 - Copyright Certificates - Digital Delivery
  2. Song & Lyrics Composite Documents - Digital Delivery
  3. Copyright Registration and Safe Storage Contracts - Digital Delivery
  4. Certified Album Cover / Artwork Document - Digital Delivery
  • If you need to contact us during this period, please email us with any queries to = Songrite Copyright Office
  • We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time.
  • Finally; Carry on being creative and above all stay alert and "Stay Safe"

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